Video Production stages


So you've decided you want a video and now you need a brief.

All you have to know to do the job right is: 

  • what is the message that you`d like to send across?
  • how long would you like the video to be
  • what type of video you would need? (infographics, testimonial, mixed media): a sales pitch might require an infographics video, but a landing page on a website might require a testimonial.
  • where would you like us to film? (your office, any other location)

Based on all of this, we would give you a quote and get to work as fast as we can.



To be sure we deliver the best quality, we use our favourite Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4k, Canon DLSRs (5D MK II) and the versatile GoPro cameras.
The production time depends on the type of video you want and, for example, a promotional video can be delivered in 14 to 28 days.
Locations are easy to find as London is one of the best places in the world to film in.
Usually, testimonials and case studies are filmed on location, but if you want to spice up the video, a London time-lapse might come in handy.



If the video is edited and delivered, that doesn`t mean that the job is done. There is a lot of work to do in promotiong the film on YouTube, vimeo, blogs and dedicated forums.